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Public Post, updated January 2013.

A little bit about me: I am a woman in my mid-thirties. I've had a blog on LJ for years and it's changed over time, as have I. I am originally from Chicago, but I left the United States when I met my husband, a man from Northern Ireland. Since 2008, we have lived in a teeny tiny little house in northern England with one dog and two rowdy cats. These days, I mostly blog about the cultural shifts in my life since moving to a new country, my thoughts about what being married is really like, and my family in general.

If you've only just found me and would like to be added, you can leave a comment on this post. I don't always add strangers (so much personal content in my blog) but I am always willing to say hello! I also have a public blog called An Ocean and a Rock Away over on Tumblr, which is almost exclusively about expat things. I use LJ for more private discussions.

caveat emptor: I believe strongly that everyday should be LJ-defriending-amnesty day. What I mean by this is that I think everyone here has the right to control who sees their content, at any time, for any reason whatsoever. I never say a word if someone defriends me, because I feel it's your prerogative, you know? If you're not cool with this policy, we should probably not be friends.

Once I add you, you might want to take a look at my friends-only bio, which tells a lot more about me and my life than I'm willing to say in a public profile.


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